Jewish Pro-Life

Jewish pro-life activist Medved says children are ‘a gift, not a choice’
Exerpts from By Leon Cohen

“Jewish law for millennia has been extremely clear, that abortion is only permitted when the life of the mother is directly threatened,” he said. To link Jewish tradition to the pro-choice position is “ludicrous and ignorant…

Every Sabbath eve, when you put your hands on the heads of your children, you don’t Bless them saying, ‘I’m so glad I made a choice here.’” The Blessing is “an acknowledgement that children are a gift, not a choice…

Moreover, “I think it is arrogant and destructive for human beings to believe that they are ultimately in control of life and death.”
Jewish Law considers the fetus to be a limb of the mother until it has emerged from the womb. Which is why if the fetus endangers the life of the mother, we can ‘amputate’ it so that the existing, viable human, the mother, can live. This is the genius of Jewish law; that although Torah is paramount, it is trumped by the need to preserve life (Leviticus 18).

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