Letter from National Pro-Life Alliance


Do you think it’s okay to kill a seven pound, full-term baby right before birth?

No? Debbie Wasserman Schultz does…

DNC Chairwoman and Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was recently asked whether or not she supported killing a seven pound baby right before birth.

Her response? That abortion-on-demand should remain legal and unrestricted at any and all times during pregnancy.

You see, for too long the pro-abortion media has tried to give their pro-abortion pals in Congress a free pass on their extremism.

But when pro-lifers flip the script on pro-abortion politicians and force them to go on the record, they show their true colors.

And he fact is, the abortion lobby’s support for abortion-on-demand is a moral and political disaster.

When pro-lifers succeed in putting pro-abortion politicians on the record for their radical positions, what’s sure to follow are historic gains for the pro-life cause at the polls.

In the last election, your National Pro-Life Alliance exposed the radical pro-abortion votes of several targeted members of Congress.

And all told, eight pro-abortion U.S. Senators and scores of pro-abortion Congressmen were sent into retirement by the time the final votes were tallied.

Taking an unwavering stand for the Sanctity of Life is a winning position.

And together, you and I will continue to hold politicians accountable for their extreme pro-abortion positions.

Join the National Pro-Life Alliance by clicking on the link below:


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